Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Wedding

Last weekend, my step- daughter Lori married Mike. They have been together for 18 years so this was a celebration long in coming. They were married high on a hill overlooking the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood.

They had a lovely reception in the back yard of a friend. They had a small budget for their wedding, but it was beautiful with lots of home made touches.

Lori had a mason jar for each person to fill with whatever beverage they chose.

Her table cloths and napkins were sewn from muslin and machine embroidered by her Mom.  The overall effect of the wedding and reception was so lovely and joyful - proof that you don't need to spend a large amount of money for a really beautiful and meaningful wedding.

She had lots of cute "stations" at the reception including this Lemonaide Stand. She also had a grilled cheese station, a photo booth, and of course a dance floor and buffet dinner.

Lori's niece (and my grand daughter) made the cake which had a fantastic chocolate ganache filling.

She also made the darling cupcakes.

The food was provided by lots of friends and family members who were happy to be a part of Mike and Lori's day.

Guests found the cloths pin with their name and table number on it when they arrived at the reception.

My beautiful step-daughters

My daughters flew in from Utah to join my sons at the party.  It was great having our whole family together for the happy occasion.  Thank you for visiting today! -Derrith


My Garden Diaries said...

Congrats to your beautiful family!!!! What a gorgeous wedding!!!! Those personal touches are too sweet and pretty!!!! They look so happy!!! Love this post friend!!!

Mom E. said...

Such a fun, cozy weding, and all the personal touches to go with it.
You have beautiful children, all six of them. The location looks amazing, the bride and her dress look perfect....and everyone was happy! Did you get to help with any of the preparations, or did you just enjoy the event relaxed!
Hugs to you,