Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Happy Distraction

Last Saturday, I attended the "Fall Event" at "Main Street Vintage" in downtown Vancouver (WA). It was a real treat. It's a beautifully presented antique mall, where the vendors really go all out to make their booths interesting and appealing. It is quite large- I believe I wandered for a good 30 - 40 minutes. I would certainly recommend a visit to anyone who appreciates vintage wares in a upscale trendy setting. This clock really caught my eye. It was large and I would have loved to take it home.

This delicious poster was about 8 feet tall, or seemed to be. If you love it, you should see the rest of the booth!

Pretty hard to resist these cuties.

I loved this sophisticated space.

This was a fun booth-lots of rustic items an a few surprises...see below.

A Blender lamp! Love the Edison bulb in it!

These caught my eye because my daughter-in-law (who taught me to appreciate vintage) is re-doing her kitchen using items in this color. I will post pics when she is done!

Gotta love the confidence of this vendor. She was right.

I never really mind when a Shop keeper feeds me. :-)

Here is their pertinent information for local friends. For non local friends who want to come visit, you can stay with me!  Love,  Derrith

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gilly said...

Oh that sounds like such a fun day out, I'm quite envious!
Happy weekend