Tuesday, August 27, 2013

May I Recommend...

I would like to recommend this book to wives of all ages. I has been written by a friend of mine and it is a brilliant book. There is great insight into why husbands behave the way they do. Once you have a clearer understanding of that, it unlocks the key to a rich, rewarding marriage. The book is beautifully written in a non clinical style that is easy to read and understand. This book would be invaluable to a newlywed wife, but anyone of any age could benefit from the information and advice...I know I did!   -Derrith
                                ( It is available on Amazon: Wife For Life by Ramona Zabriskie)


Ramona Zabriskie said...

Thank you Derrith!!

Mom E. said...

Hey, I am going to get that book!
great info!