Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dabbling with Blackboard Art

I have been loving all the chalk art on Pinterest, so when a group of us got together to plan some fun classes for our church's women's group Crafts Night, I volunteered to try out this technique. I had found the frame 'as is' at a thrift shop and loved the color so I didn't need to change that. My husband and I own a Heating and Cooling company so getting a piece of sheet metal cut wasn't a problem. I painted it with chalk board paint and then went to town. I studied lots of samples and used a combination of them to come up with this design.

Even though it took probably 2 1/2 hours total, I was surprised that it wasn't that difficult. I sketched it out on paper first. Then I drew it in lightly with chalk. Obviously, the great thing about working with chalk is that it is ERASABLE! Cu-tips are essential for repairing boo boos. Next, I went for bold lines and after trial and error, had a finished product. In our class we will be painting our frames and experimenting with different patterns of chalk art. Should be fun! Thanks so much for visiting me today. I hope your weekend was fun and relaxing.  -Derrith 


My Garden Diaries said...

Now that is a wonderful idea for a class! How fun is that and how awesome is your chalkboard sign! It looks professional! My goodness! I can just see it out for Thanksgiving with pumpkins around it! Great work friend!!!

Mom E. said...

it's so nice!
My niece did a large chalkboard sign for her sister's wedding reception. It was chalkboard paint on a wood door, and she used a "chalk board marker" that looked like chalk, but it was a washable marker of some kind.
I will have to see what fun thing I can do for one in my entry. I generally decorate with harvest items in the fall, I think because we live on a farm and I am not a huge fan of Halloween. I tend to put fall decor up, and add Halloween decorations to them for a few days before Halloween and then take them down. This chalkboard would be a great addition to the Harvest ideas.
Thanks! i might try my courage on this!

Debra Ganas said...

This is a beautiful Chalk board frame. One of the prettiest I have seen. And I love the color too.