Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Miss Manners Tea Party

I promised pictures of the Tea Party/Manners Class that I have been preparing for and here they are.  We had 8 classes over two days for 8 - 11 year old girls and it was very fun. My grand daughter Gabrielle, decorated the cakes and did most of the baking and food prep for me.
This was a little exercise for the girls. I covered a piece of sheet metal with fabric and used magnets to attach it to the chalk board. Then I put magnets on the silverware, plates and cup and had the girls try to set the table properly. They had fun with it, although very few actually knew where everything should go.
We served a small piece of sheet cake, a mini muffin, sesame cracker with cream cheese and marmalade spread, strawberry and homemade mints.  We added a scoop of sherbet a bit later in the class.
The girls were so sweet and enthusiastic and asked lots of good questions.
These were a couple of the posters I used in the class.
"Please and Thank you never go out of style"
We had 24 girls at a time and 5 minutes in between so it was hectic but I had a couple grand daughters and friends helping in the kitchen. A few of the girls wrote me little thank you notes for the class, so at least some of the lesson sunk in!

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