Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Reclaming a Guest Room

My oldest Grand daughter recently moved out of my guest room after living there for a couple years, so it was a good opportunity for a Make-Over (always fun)! The timing was good because we had already decided to re-carpet the upstairs.

I painted the walls a buttery yellow and went with a Scandinavian theme. This was because of a much loved print I had framed years ago that reminds me of that part of the world. (see below)
The dominant colors in the picture of forest green, red and yellow so those were my cues for the room. I debated painting this Primitive Colonial bench that I have had forever, but opted instead to re-stain it to match the dark wood frame above it.

This hutch was originally part of the same collection as the bench but it has been painted numerous times. Most recently, I used it as a project in a Rosemaling class, which works for this room. 

I had to do this room on a tight budget so all the furniture, lamps and pictures were things I already had. Instead of curtains, I used dark green shutters at the windows (you can see them in the first picture above). I plan to make a quilt for the bed, but there are 3 or 4 other quilts higher on the list so that may take a while. Meanwhile, I found this comforter on "" and it will do for now. Thank you so much for indulging my little "Reveal" (I know...I watch too much HGTV) I hope you'll stop by again soon. I have been working on some patriotic projects but they are not yet camera ready. -Derrith


Karen said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Is there anything you're not good at?

Bev said...

I LOVE this! Yellow is my favorite and the furniture is perfect! All ready for me to come and visit!

Cheery wave from

Acorn to Oak said...

Rosmaling class?! have a place that offers tole painting classes near you? You're so lucky. All of the tole painting shops around here have all gone away. I miss them so much. I used to take lots of classes. Your cabinet looks great! And, so does the room. I bet you had a lot of fun! :-)

Raine said...

What a lovely guest room!! The corner cabinet is my favorite-- you did a lovely job!