Sunday, June 30, 2013

Patriotic "Pay It Forward" Gift Box

Back in February, I posted a "Pay It Forward" challenge. I offered to send a homemade surprise gift to anyone who signed up and was willing to offer the same thing on their blog.  I only had one taker. I had a year to send the gift, but I decided to do it now because I love patriotic and Americana themed projects. I wanted to put together a box with a few small items that were related to my theme.  I started with the dish towels (above) that I hand appliqued.  

Then, I added these pot holders that I made using applique and embroidery. I added the little flags to the original design just for fun.

Next, I made some "flossies" (the little dresses above with the embroidery floss around the waist), a card with fun red and white buttons and some red and white striped ribbon for the recipient to use as she wishes.

I put it all together in a smallish box using these fun striped and polka dotted bags. I think this was probably more fun for me to give than for anyone to receive! I sent it off to Pam at She was quite happy to receive a fun surprise in the mail.  Thank you for stopping by today. Please  come back soon.  -Derrith


Bev said...

Cute, cute, cute! Love those pot holders and towels! What a fun gift!

Cheery wave from

madebymeinred said...

They are all sew very neat. Hurray for the red, white and blue. You do beautiful work.

pam said...

Thanks again! I've already had someone try to sneak one of those towels out ;) The great thing about it all is it can really be used all summer!

Mom E. said...

What fun items! I would have loved to accept that challenge, but I wasn't blogging yet...I do have some friends to make gifts for however! I did it on my Facebook page....!