Thursday, June 27, 2013

Apron Trio

This is the fabric palette I used for a fun project I just finished...
 A friend asked me to make an apron for her granddaughter, her great grand-daughter and her great-grandson. I started with the one above. I like to take a motif from the main fabric and turn it into an applique for the yoke
Then I used coordinating fabrics to make the little girl's and little boy's aprons.

It was very fun to come up with the appliques and the color combinations.
I'm happy with the results and hope they will be also. I sure do appreciate you visiting my blog today. See you again soon. -Derrith


Acorn to Oak said...

They're all so cute! Great job! :-D

Bev said...

I love those! The colors are amazing! You have such a wonderful sense of color! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Cheery wave from

pam said...

Very cute! I received your package yesterday! THANK YOU so much! There will be NO re-gifting of those lovelies! I will have to hide the towels so my husband won't wipe up red Kool-Aide with them though, they'll be my show off towels ;) So much fun to get something randomly in the mail. I think with the internet we get so much less physical mail and we forget how exciting it used to be to open the mailbox and find a package! Thank You again - you are super talented and I love everything you sent!

Karen said...

Crazy talented. Nuf' said :)

Nichole D. Akao said...

I have been making some aprons here and there. These are gorgeous. Great colors!