Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winner Announcement and Fun Vintage Find

Today I am announcing the winner of my "Grow Your Blog" Give Away.
And the winner is...
Candy Mackey of Amboy Washington. Congratulations. You will be receiving the Valentine dish towels and the Child's Baking Kit.

Thank you to all of you thoughtful new friends who left such kind comments. They really meant the world to me. 
    Before it gets too late in the season, I wanted to share with you this treasure I found in a thrift shop. It is needlepoint and it is quite large and came framed like this. I really love the colors and the warm homey feel. Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you will stop by again.  -Derrith


Tanya Rachelle said...

Lovely! What a fun find! Love finding other handwork items like this. Such fun to think about who stitched them. This piece has a lovely Victorian quality to it!

Bead and Needle said...

Derrith - someone put a lot of love into that needlepoint - glad it found a new home! Congratulations to Candy...I have had so much fun on the blog party - so happy to have found you and your blog. Have a wonderful weekend - Tanya

Carole said...

Gorgeous find Derrith, I'm so pleased for you. Isn't it wonderful when you come upon something so lovely and are able to bring it home to enjoy. Congrats to Candy and I am so pleased our paths have crossed. Carole xox

My Garden Diaries said...

Congrats to the winner! That is a great find! Wow! Have a wonderful weekend!

gilly said...

OOh, that's a great find - and congrats to the winner!
Happy Sunday,

Mom E. said...

Such a wonderful find! I wish i would find something like that....It is gorgeous...hope all is well with you and your fmaily!
Candy will be so happy!

Candy said...

Thank you Derrith! I was so surprised and thrilled to find that I had won your lovely gift. I can't wait to hold it in my hands! Thank you for allowing us all to be able to share your wonderful blog. I really love seeing what you're making, and your newest find is lovely! Have a great day!