Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lorali's Studio

I have a sweet quilting friend who's name is Lorali Longfellow. When I first visited her studio a few weeks ago, I was completely charmed by it. It is one of those places that lights up your eyes and inspires your mind. I will take you on a little tour so you can see what I mean.
Everywhere you look is a feast for the eyes. She has filled the room with objects that "speak" to her and apparently she is fluent in many fascinating languages.

This is just one of the little cubby holes I explored. The miniature sewing machine, dress form and vacuum cleaner were so fun!

This is her embroidery machine. She produces BEAUTIFUL embroidered quilts as well as pieced and appliqued ones. You will notice that all the furniture pieces she has collected for her studio are all painted the same color as the wall. (She calls it "Lorali blue") This gives the illusion that many of the pieces are "built-ins".
Her studio is really just a small bedroom, but she had utilized the space so well, that it doesn't feel small at all, and she keeps it very well organized and tidy.

This is just one of her wonderful collections. They are miniature rocking chair pin cushions. What she loves about them is that each one was hand made by someone who added individual details and took pride in what they did. Lorali has a very sweet sentimental side that influences the typed of things she likes to collect and get inspiration from.

One more fun shelf to peek at. The buttons in the apothecary bottles look like little jewels.

Now we get to the heart of any quilters studio: her stash!  As you can she, we has one to envy!

If only I could be this neat and organized.

Another cute vintage table.

Here's where all  the magic happens. She converted her closet into this sewing station.

Her ironing board is right next to her while she sews which is SO handy.

Above her sewing machine closet, she has all the quilted post cards she had received through exchanges in her quilt groups, displayed on hanging rings. I love this idea!

Here is Lorali, my very talented and generous friend. She is not a blogger, but is actually the person who first told me about "Where Bloggers Create", which in turn inspired me to start my own blog. So, since she wouldn't be entering her studio in any blog parties, I wanted to show it off for her.

I wanted to also show you one of her beautiful quilts. I hope you've enjoyed this tour. If you are visiting from  "Grow Your Blog", there are just a couple days left until my Give Away. Please see the posts below for details. Thank you so much for visiting and please come again  -Derrith


Acorn to Oak said...

What a great studio. And, so many wonderful things. I especially like the chair pincushions. That is quite a collection. And, all the color coordinated fabrics...Wow! That's awesome!

Everyday Things said...

I am green with envy - this is a wonderful creative space and thanks for sharing it with us!

Candy said...

Thanks for sharing Lorali's studio with us. I've been in it so many times, but seeing it in pictures gives me a new appreciation for her skill at organization and makes me love her space even more! It is so inspiring and lovely to look at.

My Garden Diaries said...

Wow! Lovely space to work and create! I need a space like that!

DreamChallenge said...

jYou are very blessed to have a friend who shares your love of quilting.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Derrith, you are the winner of my Grow my Blog giveaway, but you are a no-reply blogger. Please contact me with your email address.

Bears with a HEART said...

Derrith, please write me ...... you've won the give away.

Kay said...

Gorgeous stash!!!!

Carole said...

I loved visiting your friend's studio, so many wonderful little areas to investigate. Thank you Lorali for allowing us into your home. "Happy Quilting!"