Thursday, February 21, 2013

Floral Happiness

I happened to find this cute "Breakfast Set" at a thrift shop and thought it had kind of a "Cath Kidson" feel to it.  I used it to inspire a design for a dish towel to go with it.

After experimenting with a couple designs, I ended up with pure Mary Englebreit. I guess that's not a bad thing, is it? This is a modified version of a design in one of her home decor books.  I still have to do all the blanket stitching on this and it's companion towel. I just wanted to share yesterday's project. I have to have a few smaller projects to work on when I am in the middle of a quilt because of my need for instant gratification.
By the way, does anyone know where I can purchase Cath Kidston products in the US?  I run into her things occasionally in gift shops and fabric shops, like this fabulous stationary. Isn't it To Die For?! I admit that I use it sparingly so it will last longer. I would especially like to find her fabric. I believe it is only sold in the U.K., but if I am wrong, please let me know. Thank you for visiting me. I hope I may have provided a little floral happiness today. Love, Derrith


Bev said...

Yes, you can use the Cath Kidston USA website:

BTW, I love your dishtowel! What is the brand of those adorable dishes?

Thanks and cheery wave from Bev

Acorn to Oak said...

Your dish towel is so cute! I love it! I've never heard of Cath Kidston. I'll have to look her up and see her stuff. Happy Thursday!

gilly said...

What a great find, and your towel is lovely. Love CK too :-)

pam said...

I know they started a U.S. website a year or two ago. I've ordered form them and was very happy with time, cost. etc. I have also found some pieces occasionally in our Barnes and Noble - but you never know when they are going to be there. Very recently i have been finding bits at our T.J.Maxx! Of course you have to know what you are looking for when you look, but I can usually spot her patterns pretty easily. I have found books, cupcake sets, and napkins there. Hopefully they will have even more! Good luck!

Karen said...

Adorableness!!! I love love love it! You can find Cath Kitson stuff at Now I want to go thrifting......