Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lovely Lilacs

I can't resist sharing Lilac Festival pics with you every year.

The annual Lilac Festival in Woodland WA is held on the grounds of the Hulda KIager estate. She was a famous horticulturist who created many lilac hybrids. This is the path you take when you first enter through the gate.

Straight ahead is her home which has been kept in period style.

There are so many varieties and colors of lilacs on the grounds. Here is just one example.

This wisteria draped arbor was the site of my son's wedding 20 years ago.

Everything in the gift shop is lilac themed or purple, including this sweet china set. I hope you enjoyed the tour.  We are having a warm spell this week. The sun is SOOOO welcome around here. I hope you are all safe from the tornados and enjoying spring. Thanks for visiting, friends.  -Derrith


Karen said...

There was a large lilac bush outside my bedroom window when I was growing up. I loved the flowers and the fragrant smell. They won't grow where we live now or I would have one.

madebymeinred said...

Thanks for the wonderful pictures. We always had lilacs when we lived in IL. They won't grow in So Cal and I miss them.

AMcIntire said...

Always love the lilac festival. I love to go every year. When we were in Utah last weekend, the lilacs were incredible.