Saturday, April 5, 2014

Barb's Big Quilts

We are now on installment three of my friend Barb Perkin's quilt and studio. Today I am showing you some of her large size quilts. Many of them you will need to click on to get an enlarged view so you can appreciate the detail.

I'm sorry I don't know the names of the quilts. This one Barb made for her master bedroom, with the initials of she and her husband on the bottom. The applique on this quilt is amazing!

I love the colors and fabrics on this one.

I do recognize "A Tisket A Tasket". Everyone in my quilt group made their own version of this pattern...just before I joined the group.

More beautiful hand applique and I love the bunnies!

This quilt is really amazing. First of all, each barn is unique and fun, but the border is really spectacular. She actually had to make adjustments to the size of the border...quite the challenge, but she did it flawlessly.

The colors of this quilt are even prettier in person. Well, I have one more posting or Barb's quilts coming soon. Thank you friends, for your support of my blog. I so appreciate your visits and especially your comments.  Love, Derrith


Cathy said...

As someone who doesn't have the talent for quilting, it makes me appreciate them all the more. These are lovely!

My Garden Diaries said...

Her quilts are stunning!!! I can not get over all of the detail work in her pieces!!! Just beautiful....a true artist!!! A wonderful weekend to you friend!!! Nicole xoxo