Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Portland's Secret Garden

Let me begin by saying that Portland has MANY beautiful Gardens, but because of the "hidden" location of this one, it's known as the Secret Garden. It is located at the end of a gracious established neighborhood street in the Dunthorpe section of Portland. The Gardens overlook the Williamette River.

On a day that sunny, had the absence of rain, I dashed out to take some pictures of this beautiful place.

I had never taken he time to really explore the paths in this English style garden and it was really enchanting (OK-I know that's an old fashioned, corny word, but that's who I am).

As you can see, moss grows abundantly in this neck of the woods.

There were numerous stairs to climb and paths to walk...

...and in case you are wondering, I took the low road.

This was the original home on the property. It was bequeathed to the Episcopal Diocese many years ago so the official name of the gardens is "Elk Rock Garden of the Bishop's Close". I hope you have enjoyed the tour. See you again soon!  -Derrith


My Garden Diaries said...

What a feast for the eyes!!! WOW! I would say that this is one magical does not look like it is in the US at all! It looks like a garden out of England! Thank you for sharing this one friend! Hope you are well! Have an outstanding week! Nicole xoxo

Stacy @ Sweethearts + Sweet Tarts said...

It is a beautiful garden. I love all of the moss and the flowering trees. I never heard of this garden. I'll have to visit when it warms up a bit.

wilma b said...

Absolutely fantastic pictures! Hopefully it'll be nice weather when we come through there later this month...

Betsy said...

So Gorgeous! When I come visit we'll have to go there, my family would LOVE to see this. We love "Secret Gardens" and ANYTHING Enchanting! I think that is the perfect word for it, not corny at all!
So beautiful! I love that footbridge and EVERYTHING about it! All the Moss...yeah, my side of the state takes 15 years to even begin to get any moss...just starting to have some on the north side of my house in our flower garden after 20 years.
So Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your pictures!

AMcIntire said...

What a beautiful garden. I had no idea this existed. You will have to tell me where this perfect place is so Gavin and I can go sometime.

Bev said...

Oh, that is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos! Very inspiring! XO