Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spotlight on Barb

Today I want you to meet my wonderful friend, Barb Perkins and see some of her amazing work. Barb is the founder and leader of our quilting group, "Sisters'n'Stitches".  Over the last year, I have been highlighting some of the studios and quilts made by members of our group, and now it is Barb's turn. She has made so many stunning quilts, that it will take a few more posts to show you, but I wanted to start with this quilt because I love it so much.

I'm going to show you different sections of the quilt so you can appreciate the precise applique and wonderful detail work. This was actually several blocks joined together, but you wouldn't really notice that to see the whole panorama.

She has embellished it with silk ribbon embroidery. Can you see the little flowers the sheep are grazing on? Each one is a silk ribbon flower!

I love the colors in this quilt also. If you can enlarge this picture, please do so you can see the silk ribbon bees flying around the beehive.

I LOVE the bunnies!

Can you see the graveyard next to the church? Each little gravestone has embroidered flowers on it. Amazing!

Notice the boy in the tree and the birds on the branch.

All the leaves on the tree are silk ribbon.Such patience!

Here she is! Our very talented and generous leader, Barb has always shared her talents with those who want to learn how to sew and quilt. She had introduced the joy of quilting to many women and girls in our area.  She is in her studio...a VERY neat and organized place!
This darling quilt hangs in her sewing room. I love the vintage-y fabrics with the Mary Englebreit panel.

Her international thimble collection is displayed on the wall.
In the tall bookcase, she had dozens of notebooks with patterns and projects. In the foreground, you can see her Super Duper sewing machine. She does beautiful machine embroidery in addition to hand work.

A portion of her stash. I have many more amazing quilts to show you in the next few weeks, so please visit again. Thanks so much for stopping by. -Derrith


AMcIntire said...

The train quilt is amazing and even more impressive close up. I'm not bias or anything, after all she is my mother-in-law.

Candy said...

Oh Derrith, I love your blog! You have the ability to make every photo special, and it's so much fun to browse through past and present photos!