Saturday, March 22, 2014

More from Barb's Gallery

In today's post I'm going to show you some of my friend Barb's wall hangings and table runners. This chicken one is SO FUN! In the tree, Barb added several little machine embroidered apples.

I love this one as well - simple, peaceful and charming.

This was a panel she embellished with great results.

This one has a fun story. Barb made a crossword quilt spelling our all the things she loves. Her grand children said "Where's Grandpa?" so she hid a picture of her husband, Richard in the print fabric, named the quilt "Where's Grandpa" and it became a fun treasure hunt game every time the children came over!

This wall hanging she designed also has a message of sorts. It hangs above the coat closet as you enter her house and each block represents a part of her and Richard's life.

Here's another cute runner. I've always admired her choices of fabrics and of course her skill at just about anything quilt related. I'm saving the best for last...soon I will showcase many of her full sized quilts and they are really spectacular. Thanks so much for visiting today. Love, Derrith


My Garden Diaries said...

Her work is spectacular! That first piece with the chickens is amazing!! It looks like a folk painting...she is very talented! Happy weekend to you friend! Nicole xoxo

Betsy said...

She is an amazing quilter!~ I love the Grampa's quilt...What a fun thing for the grands! I have used some of those same fabrics for a quilt for 2 of my daughters, They are the only two who asked for a new "Baby Quilt" when their first quilts wore out! my 25 year old is on her third baby quilt! Hers is one that uses these fabrics. Then, our youngest made a baby floor quilt for her oldest niece, so her sister had a little quilt for the baby to fit on that was soft and warm, before she could roll. I think that quilt is so awesome!

Betsy said...

Oh, Derrith,
How did she create the letters? are they appliqué?