Saturday, March 15, 2014

Quilt Group March Madness

Our merry band met last Tuesday and laughed and ate and sewed-our three favorite things to do! For "show and tell", Darlene showed us these three sharp looking bags she had made.

Her machine embroidery work is simply amazing. These are small black felt (or flannel?) bags with a crisp white zipper. We all went crazy for them.

Jayna's spring runner was adorable. We are all so ready for spring.

This is also Jayna's. It is a darling wool applique halloween themed table topper.

Here is a close up of the fun detail.

Here is Margy with the beautiful tapestry bag she made. Enlarge the picture so you can see the machine embroidered detail on the red corners!

Another great idea from Margy...perfect for someone going off to college or, as in this case, a boy leaving for his mission.

Anita made this eye popping quilt with colorful batiks - very cool.

This cute bag was also Anita's (and it's reversable!) I'm glad you stopped by today. A shout out to our "mermaid girl" - We miss you still!   I hope to see you again soon. -Derrith


Betsy said...

Derrith, lOVE the show and tell! All love amazing bags!!! I want one of each! Each project shown is beautiful! I love the towel personalization, Our youngest is off to provo in the fall and she would like that. Next year I will ahve to come to your quilt group so I have something to do! I will miss her and we will be empty nesters...more time for creating I guess!

Bev said...

I love show and tell too! I'm also READY for spring! Last year we went from winter to summer with not even a hint of spring. Thanks for sharing! I love the inspiration! XO