Saturday, October 5, 2013

Serving Up Style

This weekend I attended a Home and Garden Show. As part of the event, there was a competition called "Serving Up Style" where several designers created showcase dining rooms. It was like the "White Room Challenge" on HGTV, except the designers had months to prepare and a generous budget to work with. It was so fun to see the different ideas the designers came up with and I thought you might enjoy seeing them too. Here are some of the best:

The actual lighting in most of the vignettes was dimmed and moody.  The flash on my camera pretty much ruined that effect but you can see much more detail this way.

Fun light fixture!

There were lots of different chalkboard effects as you will see below.

I have included a few closeups of the place settings when I thought they were interesting.

This one was called "Color Bomb".

Fur placemats!

I thought this was very cool.

There were lots of fun ideas I could take from many of the rooms. I hope you can too. Thanks for visiting today!  Love, Derrith


My Garden Diaries said...

Now that is a magnificent event!!! I would just love to attend something like this!!! Such beautiful designs!!! Happy weekend to you friend!!!

Mom E. said...

What an inspiring event!
Lots of ideas to gather from here, thanks for "taking us along"!
Hope all is well with you!