Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fun Pennant Project

We had our annual holiday crafts night for our women's group at church this week. I volunteered to make the pennants for each class. It was a fun little project.

These were done with polka dot burlap. This was the class I taught. I made chalkboards to fit each person's frame and then we played around with chalk board art.

Here is one example - we played around with lots of themes.
This was another fun class - a set of 4 Halloween pillows.

We had 3 different variations of wreaths to choose from using burlap and various embellishments.

I used red burlap and scrapbook paper and of course, a little glitter.

This class was for cute, easy to make "crease-less" hair bands.

More burlap - this time pink with polka dot felt for the letters and little painted clothes pins.  Now it's time to get my house cleaned up and move on to my sewing projects! Hope to see you again soon. -Derrith


Betsy said...

So much fun!
We had ours today as well, I only did a couple of things. I have not been well this week and I just really picked my things up and visited a little then returned home. I will have to take a pictures of my "Tree" when I get it together. Maybe I will post about it. You have a great time making banners, didn't you! They are all so cute! I have plans to make a Merry Christmas Banner using some vintage letters I found at a vintage store. And there is enough of the correct letters to make it! I am thrilled!
have a beautiful Sunday! Rest well! ha ha

Mom E. said...

And we did a burlap wreath, Too!
Will you show us more of the chalkboard art?
Were you able to find that chalkboard marker that looks like a paint pen but erases with water? That is what my niece used at her reception. Also, her sister taught the tree class I took today, it is a wooden slat tree. On one of the slats she was writing either Noel or Rejoice with a similar marker that was actually a paint pen.
Just wanted to share!

gilly said...

That sounds like such a fun get-together!
Happy Sunday