Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tags and Postcards

I think it is exciting to get ANY letter in the mail these days, but imagine how thrilled I was to get this envelope with foreign stamps all over it! It was my Give-A-Way prize from Fleur at Yokko Bears all the way from the Netherlands.

She sent me 30 hand made tags! So Cool! Each one is different and the backs have an aged, antiqued look to them. THANK YOU, Fleur! I love them!
I haven't shown you the quilted postcards from our last quilt group meeting yet, so here they are...enjoy!

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the world.It means so much to have you stop by! -Derrith


Sherry said...

What lovely postcard and the tags are neat too!

Bears with a HEART said...

Great that the tagd arrived at your place and am glad you like them.

The postcards are nice.
I still want to make small quilts, one for every month.
I wrote this down in one of my ideabooks, together with the ideas for each month.
But till now never made it.
Some day .... .
Want to make them as small as a nice box
(size cigarbox or so).

gilly said...

Fabulous tags and such sweet quilted postcards - thanks for sharing them.
Happy Wednesday

Heather Schlag said...

So fun...

Mom E. said...

These are so beautiful! The tags are such a fun thing to get in the mail! and making them is pretty fun too.
The "postcards" are beautiful! what a fun way to learn new techniqes and try them out. Wonderful post!
Hearts to you!