Saturday, March 16, 2013

Playing With Bunnies

This is my little friend Buffy, the bunny. She was a rescue bunny from Goodwill.

When she came to me, she was buff colored with a dull green bow and drab brown basket.  Drab colors aren't welcome in my house, so I had to do an intervention.

She had a light sprinkling of glitter so I sanded that off.  It may be the first time I've actually removed glitter from anything!

Then I gave her a couple coats of white paint.

Then I added back in the shading and painted her bow and basket. Next, I painted the whole thing with Modge Podge so the paint would smear when I put on the glue for the glitter.

I realized that once she was covered in glitter, I wouldn't be able to put any candy in her basket, so I thought I'd better fill it first. I made eggs out of PaperClay, painted them and glued them in. Then I had to pick what glitter to use. I decided on one that stayed white and wasn't too prizmatic. Now Buffy is perfectly pastel and glittery and enjoying life on my coffee table.

These two cuties were also rescue bunnies. I didn't mind their original color too much. My philosophy has always been that anything can be improved with glitter, so...

They got the treatment and...well, I guess it's possible that perhaps there are times when my philosophy doesn't hold. I used German glass glitter and I think the flakes were too large for the size of the figurine. I did clear their eyes so they can still see, but they give me that look, like "Why did you do this to us?" Oh well, not every project works out like we think it will! I really appreciate your visits and I hope you will come again.   Love, Derrith


pam said...

I don't know why I don't think of re-do's like this. Your bunnies look fabulous - the pastels are great. Maybe you could just add some Holly to the second one and use them for Christmas...snow bunnies ;)

Tanya Rachelle said...

Cute! Some bunnies are much happier now! :) I agree with Pam, the holly with the second one would be darling since the glitter really looks snow like!

Mom E. said...

LOL, So funny! and CUTE!!! I am reminded of some ceramic bchicks I started about 30 years ago and finally I through them out becasue I was afraid I wouldn't finish them....well...I think I am going to the ceramic store to do them again, if they still ahve them or anything like them. They were chalked and so soft and sweet looking....
thanks for the memory!
Oh, I just posted the leibster ward post! so hope you see it!
Hearts to you, girl,