Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dazzling Show and Tell

Two friends from my quilt group went to a quilting retreat and learned how to make these "vessels". They were so spectacular! They were created from painted "conso cord", then beaded and embellished. This one was Candy's.

Lorali made this one. I love all the details. She also added glitter (a girl after my own heart).
This is another one of Lorali's. To me, they look like they came out of an enchanted forest, but I do tend to take flights of fancy. (Does anyone say that anymore?) 

One of the fun things about our group is that we show off and share all our needlework projects in addition to our quilts. Margy created this pillow on her embroidery machine. I think it's gorgeous.

Darlene, our professional quilt and fabric designer and talented machine quilter, created this wonderful handbag. I'm sorry the picture cut off the strap, but it is so fun. Notice the cute quilting she added. Love it!

My friends do some amazing things with their embroidery machines. Margy embellished these towels for a wedding gift. Quite stunning!

This is Margy's too. It is a fun cuff or collar. It was a new technique she learned in a class. I don't think she has decided exactly what she will do with it yet. As you can see, there is so much skill and imagination in my group. They really inspire me to challenge myself. Thanks again for stopping by. It is so fun to share with you and I really enjoy your comments. -Derrith

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Sherry said...

Your group is certainly full of inspiration