Monday, December 3, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Quilt

I am finally able to share this quilt with you. It was a birthday gift for my grand daughter so I had to keep it under wraps till now.

Things didn't quite go as planned with this quilt. I started with this cute mad hatter pattern and added the dimensional flowers on the hats.

Then my plan was to add Alice's head and shoulders at the top and her legs and feet at the bottom. The head and shoulders turned out fine, but when I went to add the feet, I realized it was way out of proportion. Her body behind the quilt would be twice and long as it should be so I scrapped that plan. At this point, I needed to make it larger, so I added the tea cups to surround the hats. I think the results were good. Gabrielle loved it, anyway. Soooo, Alice became a pillow...

She was quite a challenge for me. I've never been good at drawing faces, so this was a painful process, but eventually I got there.

Now I must move on to my other Christmas Projects as time is ticking by!..Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it and hope you'll come again.   -Derrith


Karen said...

I so like the story of Alice In Wonderland. You did such a good job creating Alice. The quilt is so whimsical.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilt! Do you perchance have the mad hatter hat pattern or do you know where I can get a copy? Thanks! Ann-Marie