Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Glittery Christmas House

Do you know how fun it is to take a few hours and pretend you don't have anything more important to do, and just play with paint and glitter?! Well, to me it was very fun. I started with a plain brown paper mache house I ordered from Hobby Lobby. The roof lifts off, so I spray painted the inside to co-ordinate with the outside color. Then I painted the outside with acrylic paint. I found the coolest stuff to help with the detail work. It's rolls of really small and skinny blue masking tape (pictured below) for tiny projects like this. It's made by Martha Stewart and I found it at Michaels.  It makes it really easy to mask off the window frames and the cross timbers.

Then I used "Paper Clay" (also pictured below) to apply snow to the roof and to the ground on the sides and front of the house. I added the door since the house didn't come with one, just by cutting and painting a little piece of cardboard and added a clay doorknob.

Once I was happy with the paint job, I sprayed a matte finish on the house to protect the paint from running when I applied the glue for the glitter. I had a hard time picking out which glitter I wanted to use, but ended up with a a fairly large scale one that didn't reflect too many other colors. Then I added in the little trees that I had sprayed to match the house, the wreath and the little snowman ornament, all of which I had applied a finer glitter to separately. Now I can just sit back and watch it sparkle!
These are my supplies. You could use any acrylic paint. I like the paper clay. It stays moist and it will store for a long time in an air tight bag. I really loved the narrow gauge masking tape!  I hope your Christmas season is off to a good start. I love to have you visit again. Thank you! -Derrith

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Raine said...

Oh Derrith! I adore your lovely, sparkly house! Geee, I could say the same thing about your real house too. *ggg* I've always been curious about paperclay--- I'll have to ask you about it when I see you next. :-) Thanks for sharing!