Saturday, December 15, 2012

Before I Go Over The River And Through The Woods...

I am trying to finish up some Christmas projects because we are spending the holidays in Utah this year (I'm SO excited!) They are all over the map since focusing on just one thing seems to be beyond my reach.

I made this pillow for our quilt group gift exchange. It was my first time working with felted wool and combining it with appliqued cotton fabric. it was really fun.

I saw some paper fruit like this in a magazine and had to try it myself. I got the paper fruit at Michaels and mod podged strips of sheet music on and easy!

I also wanted to play with some clothespins. I didn't get very far with this - I glittered some and painted and papered some. I had plans for more but may not get to may other shiny objects catch my eye!  My other projects must remain a secret till after Christmas. I will be blogging from the Rocky Mountains so I hope you'll visit again soon. -Derrith

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~ Darlene said...

These are all so cute! So talented!!

~ Darlene