Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Quilted Post Cards

We had riotous fun at our December "Sisters'n'Stitches" meeting at Pat's beautiful home. Unfortunately, I don't have much to show for it, blog-wise. My camera didn't respond well to the indoor lighting, so I can't share all the great gift exchange home made beauties or any of the show and tell quilts. Hopefully, next month I can make up for it.

I did get some pictures of our post card exchange, which was very fun this month with the Christmas theme.

Obviously, this is where things started going south with my camera. My apologies to my friends who labored to make these adorable cards. I hope you can still appreciate how cute they were.

I have yet to actually send one of my card collection through the mail because I don't want to give any of them up! Merry Christmas to all my quilting sisters and to all of you. Thanks so much for visiting and please come again...Derrith

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Raine said...

Have fun in Utah for the holidays Derrith!! Snow! Snow! Snow! [Skiing?]