Saturday, November 17, 2012

Quilted Post Cards - Expressions of Affection

Our quilt group has a long tradition of exchanging quilted post cards. I think they are so charming.

We all admire each other's cards and are excited to see which one we will go home with.

These are the cards we exchanged this month. The theme choice was open so some are seasonal and some are not.

Most have a sweet message on the back. I like that they are compact and easy to store.

Then, whenever you want to, you can pull them out and enjoy them or share them with grandchildren or put them in a scrapbook.

It's a sweet old fashioned tradition and who doesn't need more of those!

It's also a fun creative exercise for us each month.

Any technique you wish to use is OK. It really opens up the possibilities.
These were from last year. Since they are small, theoretically, they don't take too long to create a mini masterpiece!  Thanks so much for visiting and happy quilting....Derrith

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Karen said...

How cute are those? Totally adorable!