Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oregon Coasting

We had such a lovely, relaxing time in Lincoln City, OR.  We were the guests of our dear friends, Ron and Doretta Haubrich. One thing we love to do when we are visiting the coast is drive around and explore. We came upon this great beach house. I would have loved to get a closer pic of the colorful chairs, but didn't have the nerve to knock on their door.

As we found higher ground, we got a view of an inlet we didn't know existed. They should call this "Driftwood Beach"

Getting this picture made me a bit nervous. The ground in the foreground of the pic, is a sheer drop off to the rocks and beach, far, far below.

These are our hosts, on the balcony of their condo at the Worldmark Resort in Depoe Bay, OR.

Here is Gary and I. The weather was spectacular the whole time we were there. Turns out, they were the last lovely days we will see for a while. Now that we're home, the rains have started. of the roads we were exploring. Doretta and I both jumped out of the car to take this picture. We loved how the sun dappled the road. 

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