Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gift Wrapping Philosophy and Birthday Bear

As you might guess from the name of my blog, I love gift wrapping. My friend Trish had a birthday a couple days ago, so I got to wrap her gift. It's tough times for us gift wrappers, what with gift cards and gift bags. It's actually kind of rare for people to receive a gift in a gift box anymore, but I do my best to carry on the tradition. Many have asked me why I would go to so much trouble and expense. Well, besides the fact that I love to do it, I consider it part of the gift!  I must say that I DO appreciate those who are gentle about removing the bow and want to keep it and re-use it. To see pretty gift wrapping and bows go in the trash is a bit painful for me.

Now on to the gift. Trish loves Teddy Bears, so I found a cute Teddy Bear image and turned it into an applique.

I added the wavy border to finish off the dishtowels. Pretty cute, I think. She liked them too.  My big mistake was to wrap them in my old ipad box. I forgot to tell her it wasn't an ipad before she unwrapped it, so, cute as they are, they aren't much of a substitute for trendy electronics!


Karen said...

The bears are just too cute! I wish I had the time and money to wrap pretty gift boxes. I tend to run out to the Dollar store for gift bags at the last minute. But I have to say I do love to receive a beautifully wrapped gift :)

Box Designers said...

Applique Bears !!! How festive!
What a great idea....
You are awesome. I love these towels.