Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Little Halloween Magic

My sister is visiting for two days so we took a few hours to wander through downtown Camas today. It was blustery and showery and quite perfect for finding all the fun halloween decor in the little vintage, antique and gifts shops.

My favorite is still Camas Antiques. All these pictures of from there. The different vendors have out done themselves with vintage themed Halloween decor.

There is so much to see there...I always find a little something to take home with me. Today it was a little package of 4 types of vintage ribbon and trim...for only $4.00!
We were sad to see some of the shops we liked weren't there any more, including the quilt shop, but there were some new ones too. I hope as the economy improves (it WILL, you know) some of the empty shops will fill up again.  Thanks for visiting. See you again soon.  -Derrith

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