Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Natural" Coffee Filter Wreath with Fall Theme

These are the pictures I promised you in my last post. My daughter-in-law, Veronica made this wreath using the brown "natural" coffee filters. This was made with a 16th inch styrofoam form and it took 2 packages of the filters.
As with my white wreath, she took two filters at a time and folded them in half and then in thirds to made a pie wedge shape.  We made some leaves from various scrapbook papers and just placed them between the rows. We added a green burlap bow by clearing a small area and glueing a cube of "oasis" foam to the wreath. Then we glued the bow to the oasis so it wouldn't get buried in all the folds of the filters.  This wreath had a very full "Pleated" look. Our wreath form was green and we realized after we started that we should have wrapped the wreath with strips of muslin so we wouldn't have any problems with the green showing through. For instructions on how to make one of these, please see my previous post, below.  Happy folding!

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