Monday, May 13, 2013

Vintage Quilt Tops

I was picking up a quilt from my machine quilter, Roberta and she showed me some of her collection of vintage quilt tops that she has acquired from auctions, garage sales and flea markets. Many of the ones she has found are real works of art. Many are all hand pieced.

I loved this fan pattern with authentic, rather than reproduction vintage fabrics. Looking at the border alone, makes me tired. Roberta rescues these labors of love done by anonymous fellow quilters, and quilts them up so that they can be enjoyed by others.

I enlarged this picture so you can see the hand stitched blue lines - those aren't pattern lines. It is really charming.

This is a sweet embroidered baby quilt with darling detail.

I asked Roberta what she would do with the ones she quilts. She has a beautiful large barn when people hold weddings and reunions, etc. and she wants to line the walls with these old quilts.

She is a master machine quilter, so I know they will all be shown off to their best advantage. We only wish the person who made these with their own hands could see the end result.

I threw in this picture of my garden gate to compare with the one below in my last post which was taken 2 weeks earlier. I so wanted my climbing roses to mingle with the wisteria, but it was not to be. I love my roses anyway. I have to go bind my quilt to be done in time for the Blogger's Quilt Festival this Friday! I hope you Monday isn't getting you down.  Love, Derrith


Acorn to Oak said...

The one with the blue stitching is very unique. I've never seen one like that. How fun that you were able to see Roberta's collection. They're all wonderful. I love the roses beside your gate.

My Garden Diaries said...

Oh my goodness...I can't even think about the quilts when I see your gorgeous garden gate!!!! WOW!!! Is it just so beautiful!!! Outstanding! THe quilts are all lovely too!!

Raine said...

I am now wondering hopefully if some of MY unfinished quilt tops[which will surely be donated by my children after I am gone]will be purchased and lovingly completed & enjoyed by someone like your friend Roberta!

Bev said...

Thanks for sharing! Just think...they didn't have rotary cutters, etc. They had scissors and a pencil. Amazing!

Cheery wave from