Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Excuses, Excuses

I haven't been posting this week because I am in the middle of a major project...unfortunately it's not a fun sewing project. We desperately needed new carpet upstairs in our home because of doggie issues,etc. So, we made the commitment to be ready for installers this weekend. Wow - we have to clear out my SEWING ROOM, our office and a guest room. It's basically like moving, and everything has to go downstairs, so it's a workout.

The up side is that I am clearing out, simplifying and cleaning up, which feels good and was much needed. It hasn't left any time for sewing, however, so I am posting pictures of my wisteria instead. I love wisteria. It brings back happy childhood memories. I planted it at the base of my garden gate and planted climbing roses on the other side so they would meet and mingle in the middle. Unfortunately, they don't bloom at the same time. My roses have buds, but the wisteria is already fading. Such is life. Hope yours is happy right now. I will have more to share next week. Love, Derrith


pam said...

I love Wisteria - your vine is beautiful. Mine got pushed over and partially broken last year during a Hurricane so it is starting over. Thank goodness they are hardy! Good luck with all you work!

Kiwi said...

We just put new flooring in the whole house. What a workout is right. Glad you survived. Beautiful flowers!

Mom E. said...

YOU ROCK! I stillhave not finished all that I have to do because of a shallow flood we had in our basement last year....I am the Queen of Procrastination you know.... So I feel for you. but I have cleaned out two rooms, stripped them to the walls, carried all the stuff to the fmaily room , out to two different trailers, and then emptied one trailer in to the other trailer and now emptied the second railer into the garage,...why the garage? becaue I will be motivated to get my care into the garage!
So, i am going through boxes of things and have to clean up as well.... I also must order carepet for two rooms downstairs, and get that installed. and then I am supposed to get new carpet in my living room upstairs and down the hall....I better go order carpet....I haven't been able to find what I am looking for. I am so sad about it. I'd better do a post on it and then I might get some help from people about the carpets they have seen! LOVE your wisteria. i have always wanted wisteria. and realized this week that all the perenials in my flower gardens are purple....That is funny! I don't remember doing that on purpose! I guess htey are purple that are all blooming. I will have some pinks three colors, sweet william, yellow pot o'gold, blue flax, pink chinacea, white woodruff, baby's breath, white daisies are up now I see and then lots of violets and johnny jumpups and a pink hydrangea and a boue hydrangea. Hmmmm.....I always used to have yellow.....then a few mim roe bushes, soft pink Flaming red pink, white yellow and candystripe.
Oh, sory, did n't mean to POST on your post...! LOL take care, see you soon!
Have a lovely Mother's day!

Acorn to Oak said...

The wisteria growing around your gate is gorgeous!