Monday, April 15, 2013

Post Cards For April

Today I'm sharing our quilted postcards from my quilt group. We exchange them each month. Only four of us participated this time-Here's some love from Barb.

Loralie interpreted "April Showers" with some glitter -doesn't everyone?!

This was my contribution this month. It was hand embroidered. [no choice:I don't have an embroidery machine :-) ]
Margy did a Spring theme-we were all ready for that! I do so appreciate you visiting my blog. Please come again.  -Derrith


Bev said...

Wow! How talented everyone is! Thanks for sharing! Very inspirational!

Cheery wave from

My Garden Diaries said...

Your piece is so beautiful! You are so very talented!!! I love how bright and cheery it is....I would so frame that!!! Have a wonderful week friend!

gilly said...

These are just lovely - what a fun thing to do!