Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Can a Quilt Be An Old Friend?

I have to just come out and say  "I love this quilt". It is definitely one of my earlier quilts - I can see lots of flaws caused by inexperience, but, it is still one of my two or three favorites. I hang it in the spring although it works in the summer too. It makes me happy and comfortable - just like an old friend.

I used a combination of contemporary and 30's reproductions fabrics - I didn't really know exactly what I was doing other than trying to find mostly primary colors. I was quite thrilled with the background fabric. It's actually hard to find background fabric that is bright white and the little blue, yellow and red flowers were so perfect. 

Sooo, this morning I stopped at Goodwill and found these cute canisters that were half off today. Anyone who has visited my blog will know that I love Cherries the most, but I think I can find room in my heart for these cute tomatoes. I believe I will make some dish towels to match and then take them all down to the shop.
I also found this really cute "Butter Bell". I don't know if you can see the little handle. That is unique for one of these. Have you ever used one? I was introduced to them when I started "thrifting" and now my family is hooked. It keeps butter fresh and at the perfect spreading consistancy. I am happy to say that the sun is shining today. We have to enjoy it because the rain returns tomorrow and for the rest of the week. I have been making progress on my quilt so I am encouraged about that. I've rambled enough today. Thanks so much for peeking in. I hope to see you again soon. -Derrith


Rita said...

just too stinkin' cute -- love all the fabrics, and you did a wonderful job. i love it! now, where did you get the pattern? hope you can remember!

GardenofDaisies said...

What a sweet quilt. I love it! ( My friend always said, if you can't see the flaws traveling 25 miles and hour on the back of a horse, at midnight, then they don't matter. )

Angel Blue said...

wonderful quilt and nice finds

Mom E. said...

Derrith, I love your red and white as well as your quilt. I have a baby quilt I made a long time ago and that is about it. I have given all the rest away. Time to make me one! Can a new quilt be an old friend?