Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bruges Belgium Waffles in Sugarhouse

A trip to Salt Lake would not be complete without a visit to Bruges for the BEST Belgium Waffles I have EVER tasted!

We visited the new location in Sugarhouse which was really great since there was plenty of sitting room inside on a very frigid winter day.

This is the second time I've blogged about these Belgium Waffles. Honestly, they are so superior to any other waffle of any kind that I just can't say enough about them. This one that I ordered has a layer of Belgium chocolate melted in the middle of the waffle and was topped with fresh strawberries and cream. Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Well, I am home now and trying to get Christmas put away and start on some quilt projects, so there will be more news to come. Thank you for visiting and I truly hope your new year has gotten off to a great start! -Derrith

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vicki said...

I have just loaded your blog in for my Grow Your Blog party per your request and comment on my June post. Please refer to my blog for the latest updates and prepare your special posting for the 19th. I hope you make lots of new friends.