Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Sewing Room Reveal

I finally have my sewing room put together enough to show my friends. The walls in this room were already this dark teal color when we moved in, so I decided to go with it. This room is smaller than the room I used in our house in Vancouver, but I was able to fit in everything I need.

One might think that staring at a window well while sewing isn't terribly desirable, but when I sit at my machine, I can look up and see the sky and a lot of light comes in through that window.

This is the wall opposite to the window wall. It just holds bins with paper and crafting supplies and a lot of other things I probably should get rid of, but when I do, then I need it the next week, so it stays.

In two words: My stash.

I had a couple canvases so I tried painting pictures using the motif from the curtains I made for the room. They aren't great, but for someone who has the "Matching Disease" like me, they work.

Thank you for accompanying me on our little tour. I will admit, it is more pleasant to work in this room now that it is organized and clean. I was lucky that the closet in this room had a lot of built-ins so I have utilized that as well. It is a sunny day here in Utah and I hope in your neck of the woods too. If not, then I hope there is sunshine in your soul. Love, Derrith


My Garden Diaries said...

Derrith!!!! It is gorgeous!!! Can you come to my house and organize our art room!?!?! I love how organized and accessible all of your fabrics and supplies are! And the color of the room looks great with your furniture! I would be smitten in this space! Happy weekend you! Great job!! Nicole xo

AMcIntire said...

Love the room. Everything has a place.

AMcIntire said...

Love the room. Everything has a place.

Betsy said...

Love your sewing room, it is so organized and beautiful! I can't show pictures of mine, it on;y looks clean for about a week every few years! LOL