Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Priceless Possession

Hello friends. I have been absent from my blog for over two months and I appreciate anyone who may still be visiting. I have gone through a challenging move, enjoyed the holidays with family in spite of unpacked boxes here and there and now I am ready to face the new year.  I wanted to share with you this "priceless possession". It was made for me by Anita for my quilt group Christmas gift exchange. I love it for itself, but each of my beloved "Sisters'n'Stitches" hand signed it as a going away gift.

I cherish it because I love these women and appreciate the acceptance and love they gave to me and because I miss them SO MUCH!  I have wanted to get back to posting on my blog but felt rusty and wasn't sure if I should. Then I received a note from my dear friend Heather who I have known since we were in 5th grade when we played "Mouseketeers" together. She is a brilliant artist and Art Quilter and she encouraged me to blog again with very kind words about how positive she thought my posts were and how much she enjoyed them. So, thank you Heather for motivating me to get going again. I hope that in a few days I will have my new sewing room cleaned up enough for pictures. Until then, thank you to my patient friends and followers.      Love,  Derrith


My Garden Diaries said...

So glad to see you back buddy! That quilt is just stunning! I am so glad you have such a lovely group of women in your life! I hope that in the months to come you become more settled in your new space....though I have no doubt that you will make it just as beautiful as your last house! Wishing you a wonderful new year Derrith!!! Nicole xoxo

Lorali Longfellow said...

Oh Derrith, 'I' am forever one of your faithful friends and followers! I can't wait to see your new sewing room set up. I must share pics with you soon of my new sewing place here in Texas. I'm wishing for happiness for you & Gary in your new location! P.S. I love & miss your wonderful sewing sisters too!!!

Betsy said...

Girl. Did you move out of state or just into a different home??? I still hope we can get together!!! Hope things are settling a bit and so glad you enjoyed your Christmas!!!
Hugs, Betsy

AMcIntire said...

I hate when I want to comment but don't have the words I want to express. Love you much.