Sunday, September 14, 2014

Quilty Friends Reunited

My quilting group, the "Sisters'n'Stitches" were reunited this week following our summer hiatus.  It was obvious that several of our members had been busy bees over the summer. Barb showed her masterpiece appliqued quilt that had just won "Best machine quilted" at our Clark County Fair.
Here is another blue ribbon winner from Barb. This quilt had civil war motif fabric as well as civil war reproduction fabric and is even more beautiful in person.

Barb has also been busy with her fancy machine embroidery machine. This pic and the following two show pages she created for "quiet books" for her grand-babies. SOOOO Cute!

Margie finished her Family Tree wall hanging. You can't see, but the family names are embroidered on the leaves. It is really fantastic.
Margy also showed us this beautiful crocheted blanket. I'm pretty sure it was crocheted, but if it was knitted, please forgive me Margy. Its lovely either way!

Anita did this fun Christmas table runner that we all loved.

Our newest member, Jo Ann, showed this pretty table piece. The little floral motifs in every other petal were machine embroidered and so sweet.

Candy is holding a bag with machine appliqued flowers made by Darlene. It's really cute.

This accompanied the it up and unfold it and you have a lightweight shopping bad!

This picture and the next two represent more of Darlene's expert handiwork.

It was great to get back together and enjoy each others company and laugh and laugh as we always do. Unfortunately, I am still a slave to my house projects, but it goes on the market this week, so MAYBE I can sneak in some sewing after that. I'm so glad you stopped by and hope to see you again soon.  Love, Derrith


Tanya Rachelle said...

Seriously inspiring! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to get stitching!

My Garden Diaries said...

Oh sweet friend!!! These quilts are just so beautiful!! Each and every one!! I am so glad that you all were able to get back together! And to laugh!!! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and good luck with the house!!! Nicole xoxo

madebymeinred said...

I love seeing your quilt group's quilts. It's like a personal quilt show.