Monday, May 19, 2014

My Laundry Room Reveal

Well, I have finished my laundry room make-over and it didn't turn out as planned. My cute bookcase that was made out of a door (see below) was supposed to fit in the space above, but I had failed to measure at the TOP where the molding sticks out and that was my un-doing. As a result, everything is off kilter for the time being. The large picture above, was supposed to go on the larger wall where the bookcase ended up.

I am still going to show you the results because I love the colors and it was so fun gathering accessories, etc.

This is the bookcase made from an old door. The bicycle was a Goodwill find, painted to match the bicycle in the painting.

I painted clothespins to match my color scheme (yes, I do get carried away at times). I was happy to have a place to display two of my antique quilts.

I used basically the same pattern idea as I used in my kitchen for the window treatment because it doesn't take too much of expensive decorator fabric for high impact.

It is so sweet of you to visit my neck of the woods. I appreciate your support and your comments. Have a beautiful day.  Added note: Something weird is going on with my comment situation. Google is asking for a password. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please email me:  Thank you! -Derrith


Heather Schlag said...

The laundry room is the bicycle picture....did you paint it? Wish you could come over and do my house....miss you H

Anonymous said...

So CUTE!!! <3 -Alyssa

Candy said...

Oh Derrith!It has turned out so cute! Love the colors and the door bookcase is fabulous!

madebymeinred said...

Wonderful. The colors are so cheery and well used. I think the bookcase looks fine where you put it. Now you might even enjoy doing laundry.