Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Finally Finished Block Three

Hi all. In the midst of lots of Christmas projects, I'm still working on my fall quilt, a little at a time. I just finished block #3.

Don't look too close - there are boo boos, but I can live with those. I didn't get the perfectionist gene.
I wanted to show you one more wreath I made. I like the "woodsy" vibe. I had to paint a red nose on the little deer, of course. I think I will take this one to the shop. Thank you, friends, for visiting my blog. Your sweet comments mean so much to me. Love, Derrith

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Mom E. said...

I love the block! That is going to be such a sweet quilt! I am "fixing" quilted bblocks today...LONG story, I will post about it later, but there are small wall quilts to sell at a Bazaar on Saturday. I realized I HAD to fix them so they would sell.

I love your wreath! I am also going to be finisheing a similar wreath to yours! mine is all frosty and have only gold colred balls on it...I may even remove those. And I may even KEEP it! LOL
Such beautiful stuff you are doing!
Christmas Hugs,