Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Greetings

This a a great day for remembering those who fought to protect our freedom.  Gary and I made a trip to the cemetery to put flowers on his parent' graves. It was beautiful there with hundreds of colorful flowers bouquets covering the grounds. Many of the markers had flags flying. It really had an impact.
On Saturday, we watched Porter and Payden.  Porter suggested we make something for Memorial Day so I found an old piece of wood and Gary cut it into three pieces. With some sand paper, paint, masking tape and a star stencil, we produced these wooden star plaques. I hung one outside and Gary asked "Is that the Puerto Rican flag? I then had to explain to him about "representational" art! (He wasn't impressed.)
I made a couple of these stars and stripes pillows to get ready for the season.
This was from a previous post I think, but it goes along with the theme. I found this old sheet music cover and matted it with ticking and framed it with an old frame I found at Goodwill. I sold it at the "Olive Kat".  Thanks for visiting my blog. Today marks the beginning of summer to me. I like having new seasons and new beginnings to look forward to. I would love to hear your ideas, input and comments. Thank you!

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