Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cool Local Barns

I never thought I'd be blogging about barns, but there are a couple I've seen lately that belong to friends of mine that certainly deserve a mention! This barn belongs to a dear friend and fellow quilter, Colleen Bloemke. Her sons helped her add these quilt blocks to the side of her barn in Ridgefield and I LOVE the result!
This is the ULTIMATE Party Barn. It belongs to Roberta and Jerry Peterson of Woodland. She gave me a tour and I was blown away! They refitted the barn with everything you would need for a large gathering. On the main level, is a HUGE kitchen and dining area, a beautiful lobby and restrooms. Upstairs in a huge stunning room for weddings, parties, quilt shows or anything you can imagine. As you can see in the foreground of this picture, the grounds outside are fabulous too. Notice the sculpted bush in the shape of a dog.

This pond is part of the lovely landscaping surrounding the barn.
This is the view standing in the middle of the upstairs room and looking west. The other end of the room is equally dramatic.

These beautiful doors lead from the foyer to the kitchen/dining room. (Sorry this is out of focus)
The doors and nearly all the building materials they used were salvaged or reclaimed or garage sale pieces, but they add up to something amazing. Roberta said the barn is available to be rented. It would really be a treat to be able to have a function there!

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