Sunday, June 8, 2014

Found Treasure: Roche Harbor, WA

Last weekend, Gary and I took a little holiday and spent a few days in one of our favorite places, Victoria, BC. We then took the ferry to Friday Harbor, WA on San Juan Island. It's a charming little town. We decided to explore the island and lo and behold we happened upon this wonderful place!

It's called Roche Harbor and it was a beautiful surprise. It had the feel of an Eastern Seaboard resort of days gone by...very gracious and lovely and an ultimate escape.
I nearly flipped over these darling cabanas. We were there late in the day, but apparently, on weekends, each cabana is a little store.

I loved the gorgeous, historic grand hotel.

The hotel grounds were really beautiful.

I believe these charming homes were a later addition to the area.

My apologies to anyone who knows and loves this area if I have gotten anything wrong about it. I would love to hear more about it, since we were only able to stay for about an hour.
On our drive that day we encountered about a dozen eagles swooping down to the ground to get something that was there to eat, They were very close and it was very exciting. The pictures don't do justice to the experience.

I'm grateful that you stopped in for a visit today. Please come again soon. Love, Derrith


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Lorali Longfellow said...

Oh how I enjoy the descriptions you give about the wonderful places you and Gary visit! Thank you Derrith! P.S. Your new laundry room is gorgeous! Lorali