Monday, February 3, 2014

Andy's Quilt - Finally Done

Today is my son Andy's birthday. He is 37. About 3 - 4 years ago he asked me to make him a quilt with his beloved vintage International Scout on it. After a few false starts, I finally decided on the pattern and began sewing (what seemed like) hundreds of log cabin blocks. For the center block, I tried to make it look like he was "off roading" up in the mountains.

Here it is in it's entirety. Fortunately, he was very thrilled and didn't seem to mind waiting a few years for it. My good friend (and very talented quilter) Darlene did a great job on the machine quilting. Thank you for visiting today. If you are looking for the "Grow Your Blog" post, it is below and it's not too late to enter the drawings!  -Derrith


Joluise said...

What an amazing job you have done:)) Very impressive and I can see why it has taken you so long.

Wendy said...

wow! That is incredible, I can't get over how big it is!

Tisha Dolton said...

Wow! this is amazing. My mom (a quilter) will love this. Check out my embroidery/ redwork blog if you are interested. (GYB)


Mom E. said...

That is one awesome quilt much work...
I am glad he was happy about it!

Carrie P. said...

what a great quilt! love the center block and the border. so smart.