Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Putting It All Away

Today's the day...get the boxes and tissue out and start putting all the Christmas fun away.  I'm never very eager to do this. Christmas never lasts long enough for me.

I love these little Ice Skates I found at Goodwill and embellished with white fur and velvet ribbon.

Time for the Christmas quilt to come down and the Valentines Day quilt to go up.

My "North Pole Village" will go back up north... spite of the fact that the elves worked far into the night before the big day.

Bambi and his mom go back in the box...

...and the tree comes down.

This sentiment remains true all year long, for our Savior lives! The happiest of New Years to all of you and I hope you visit again soon in 2014.  Love, Derrith


GardenOfDaisies said...

Normally I get it all put away on New Years day, but I'm fighting a cold and don't seem to be able to move as fast, so I may not finish til Saturday. The nativity will stay out til Epiphany at any rate.

Mom E. said...

I hate to take down Christmas, so I leave up as much of WINTER as I can!
The tree with lights and snowmen and heart ornaments, you know where I am headed with this!
When it is all down it feels so bare in the house. So, all the silk garlands stay in place, anything wintery stays. red and green Christmas gets put away, but not for another week or so. Then when February hits, it is only lights and hearts on the tree, the snowmen get put away. I like to keep the nativity scene out all year some years. Not sure what I will do this year.
WE have ben ill and now I've strained my ankle and my knee hurts so that means I will be down a bit longer. I love your quilt, can you let me know where I can see a clearer more detailed picture of it? so much work. I am planning a embroidered quilt...So I like to look at other's quilts.
Happy New Year to you! I have niece that has moved over near you an I hope to come over your way when I get feeling better. I will let you know and maybe we can meet and have lunch!