Sunday, November 24, 2013

Heidi's Wreaths

I spent last week visiting in Salt Lake City. I had a 3 day retreat with two dear friends, a perfect day with my sister and 3 days with my daughters and their families. I wasn't ready to go home when the time came, but my sweet husband and doggie were waiting for me there.  I got to watch my daughter Heidi make up some beautiful wreaths. I LOVED this one with a snowy woodland feel and and fluffy owl!

This one has a similar feel. You can't see the snowy sparkles in the picture, but it was really beautiful. She makes these to sell along with her tree trimming business called "Over The Top Trees". She also does beautiful mantle arrangements.  If you live in the greater Salt Lake area and would like a spectacular Christmas Tree, click on this link:Over The Top Trees

She can work with any budget and your own ornaments or design a tree just for you in the colors you want.

I love this coffee filter wreath she made. She used the largest size of filters and then tea stained them.  Most are folded up tight and then she just opened up a few to get the effect of flowers nestled in leaves. Really Pretty!

This was a birch clad hanging basket she filled with bright greenery - so cute!

Please pretend you don't see the arm holding up this cute candy cane shaped wreath. Heidi inspired me to make my own wreath which I hope to finish today. I will show you the results soon. Thank you so much for visiting today. Love, Derrith


My Garden Diaries said...

Oh she has created some beautiful goodness here!!! I am so glad you were able to visit all of your loved ones! Sounded like a great get away!!!

Mom E. said...

What fun for you to visit family!
She does a beautiful job on her wreaths. I can't wait to see yours!