Friday, March 2, 2012

Salt Lake's "Secret Garden"

While in Salt Lake last week, a High School friend and I visited one of my favorite spots in the city.   It is the "Garden Park Ward" on Yale in the Avenues.  It is an beautiful, old LDS meetinghouse in a lovely park like setting. 
It is located just a few blocks from my sister's home, so I have visited it often over the years. These pictures were taken in winter, so you can imagine how beautiful it is in the spring, summer and fall!
Of course, it is a favorite spot for photographers, and the public has free access to it.
The building itself is really wonderful. The old chapel is so charming and actually contains two original Minerva Tichert  paintings.       Not far away from here, in Sugarhouse, is a very fun store called "Details" Below are some pictures of some of the "details" I particularly liked.
This trip was really fun-I got to visit with both daughters and their families, my wonderful sister, and two dear friends that I have had for many years.  Next post, I will share my Salt Lake Quilt Shop Hop!

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