Monday, January 9, 2012

Train Trip to Leavenworth, Washington

I just returned from a super fun trip with 3 great friends. We took Amtrak from Vancouver Washington to Leavenworth, Washington. It was a 3  1/2 hour trip to Seattle on the "Coast Starlight" and then another 3 and 1/2 hours to Leavenworth on the "Empire Builder". The train ride was a very pleasant surprise. It was very clean, spacious and comfortable. The food was even good!
Of course, I LOVE Leavenworth! I love all things Bavarian, Tyrolean and Scandinavian!  

Here we are as we begin our day of shopping. From the left: Lori, Marion, Colleen and Moi!
Leavenworth still had all their Christmas lights up. It was quite magical. If we had more time, we may have gone for a sleigh ride, but I don't think there was quite enough snow for that.
We just had one day to shop, but it was enough. We had to be back on the train verrrrry early (6:00 AM!!)
Here's Lori waiting outside the "Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory" :Our first stop AND last stop!


Raine said...

It looks so fun! Someday I'm going to visit it there too!

The Accidental Bavarian said...

Leavenworth is our favorite place to go. We loved it so much we built a website to help other tourists find out what's happening in town and review different businesses. Try it before your next trip.