Monday, January 25, 2016

Floral Crown Queen

For the last ten months I have been assisting my talented daughter, Heidi in her wedding floral design business, Over The Top Floral. She creates amazing bouquets, arrangements and installations (arbors, mantels, etc.) and I have learned how to make "bouts", corsages, bridesmaids bouquets and floral crowns, which are my favorite. Heidi often has me do them because they are very time consuming. She has dubbed me the "Floral Crown Queen" and of course it's good to be the queen of something. Here are some photos of some crowns I have made. The photographer of the above picture is Alexis Foust Photography in SLC.
This crown was for a "styled shoot", where photographers, florists, and often, wedding cake bakers get together to stage a wedding photo session to post and advertise what they can do. Most brides wouldn't want a crown this large, but you can get more dramatic with a styled shoot. The photographer here is Trevor Butler.

This is another styled shoot. Beautiful people and beautiful flowers! The photographer was Ashley Dehart Photography.

My granddaughter Lexi is modeling the crown above.
A real bride and groom. It rained during the ceremony but the flowers didn't care. (The couple didn't either...too much in love) Stephanie Lorraine Photography.
This was a real winter bride...this was a fun crown to make! Kallie Cordon Photography
Don't you love snowy photos like this?

The original model for this shoot got sick so Lexi was able to step in and did a great job!  Awesome photo by Stepanie Lorraine photograhy.  I have enjoyed spending so much time with my daughter, but I want you to know, I am still quilting and will share more of that soon. Thank you so much for visiting! Love, Derrith



My Garden Diaries said...

Did you make all of these friend?!??!?! They are beyond beyond amazing!!!!!!!!! I was just completely blown away with this post! How exciting that you are able to work with your daughter! You both are so very talented!!! Loved this!! Just gorgeous!!! Nicole xoxoxo

AMcIntire said...

Those are pretty darn amazing my friend. Now I want a floral crown, you know just to wear everyday.

Candy said...

Oh so beautiful Derrith! You are so talented my friend, and I love seeing what you are doing back there in Utah! We miss you at SiS.

stevenjared0853 said...

These are adorable flower crowns. I loved each and every design. Thanks for sharing them here. I am also going to get married soon and have booked one of beachside wedding venues NYC. I love floral d├ęcor and this flower crown idea is very interesting.